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We are an Australian Owned and Operated Law Firm who prides itself on providing real world legal advice to our clients in Brisbane and the surrounding region. Cooper Green Lawyers is focused solely on helping employees get back on their feet after they have been terminated from employment.

As such, you can be assured when choosing Cooper Green Lawyers that you are being represented by a firm with your best interest in mind and the necessary expertise.

We know that after being dismissed from employment it can be a difficult financial time, which is why we provide our clients with a no-win-no-fee arrangement. For Cooper Green Lawyers, it is about reducing our clients’ stress and protecting their legal rights.

All of our team are qualified lawyers who are admitted not only in the Supreme Court but also as lawyers in the High Court of Australia. Our lawyers are passionate about helping people and are provided the freedom and time to give our clients their full attention.

They know that each case is different and believe that taking the time to get to know their clients produces the best outcome for them.

Looking for legal advice as an employee? Look no further.

Contact one of our lawyers now for your free consultation and case assessment.