Discrimination Over Pregnancy

Pregnancy Discrimination Case Study

Discrimination in the workplace is never okay. We helped out one of our clients with running a Discrimination Claim when she was terminated unfairly from her role due to falling pregnant.

Our client had been a high performing and productive employee of a growing gym. She was proud of her role and proven herself as a good employee. She had been planning a family with her partner and she eventually became pregnant.

She informed her employer at 7 weeks pregnant of the good news. Unfortunately, the employer did not take this news well, informing her that although he was happy for her, he did not believe that pregnant females were able to commit to employment and therefore he would need to terminate her employment.

We assisted our client with running a Discrimination Claim, obtaining beneficial outcomes for her including compensation, an apology and a statement of service.

Are you struggling with discrimination in the workplace? Talk to our employee lawyers.

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