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Complaint Causes Dismissal

Home Care Worker Dismissal Case Study

After speaking up for misconduct in the workplace, our client was adversely treated and ultimately dismissed unfairly. We helped them get the compensation they deserved.

Our client was working for a major home care service business. This client had spent over 16 years with the employer had won many awards for the care she had provided. One day she noticed that her manager was not caring for the patients to a standard that is expected of a carer. Our client made a complaint about the manager, however, those complaints fell on deaf ears.

As a result of the complaint, the manager started to treat our client less favourably and eventually terminated our client from her employment because she raised concerns about the care of patients.

During the Commission process the employer agreed that it had terminated our client in breach of the general protection’s laws. Our client was paid compensation for hurt humiliation, damages, loss of wages, plus was given a positive reference to allow her to find another job.

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