Employees are protected under Australian Laws from being discriminated within the workplace.

An employee may be discriminated against on sex, relationship status, pregnancy, parental status, breastfeeding, age, race, impairment, religious belief/activity, political belief/activity, union activity, lawful sexual activity, gender identity, sexuality, and/or family responsibilities. There are many ways in which you may be subject to discrimination in the workplace, such as:

  • not getting promoted;
  • being dismissed from your job;
  • being sexually harassed;
  • being bullied or humiliated;
  • being excluded; and/or
  • being treated differently. 

There are both state and federal laws that protect individuals from being discriminated against within the workplace. Each case is different and requires careful consideration of the facts against what the law says.


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What compensation can I ask for in a Discrimination Claim?

How much you are able to claim will depend on a number of factors such as, your years of service, age, prospects of finding another similar paid job, injury you may have suffered including hurt and humiliation.

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What is the process for bringing a Discrimination Claim?

Each claim is unique, and it is important that the right claim is put forward in the first instance to maximise the potential benefit of the legal proceedings. Cooper Green Lawyers will take the time to listen to your story and assess the claim on its merits.

After our positive assessment of the claim and if you wish for Cooper Green Lawyers to act for you as your Lawyer, we will draft and file the necessary applications and forms, as well as manage the case, communicate with your former employer (and their Lawyers) and represent you before the Commission and Court.

How are the fees calculated?

We have developed a no win no fee cost arrangement, which is designed to enable you to protect and enforce your legal rights without the risk of losing even more.

If we believe that you have a genuine Discrimination Claim, we will offer you a transparent fee no-win-no-fee agreement.

Are there time limits?

Depending on whether you wish to bring a Discrimination Claim in the state or federal Courts, different timeframes will apply. If you do not file your claim within the required timeframe, there is a real risk that you might lose your rights to bring a Discrimination Claim.

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